Spelling Test

Games Guru is my nom de plume amongst my nearest and dearest.  I love a game, a puzzle, a quiz, a riddle.  I love to play them as much as I enjoy making them up.  My latest quiz appears in the form of a spelling test, partly because it’s a challenge but also because I am a great advocate of the use of correct spelling and punctuation.  I’m one of those people who become quite vexed about signs which say ‘Tomato’s For Sale’.  Thing 4 (for whom spellings are not a forte) commented after a recent test: “I don’t see the point in spellings.  I mean, if you get them wrong, you just correct them later.” I couldn’t disagree more.

The pharaoh’s chihuahua encountered a bout of diarrhoea.

A psychiatrist referred a physicist to an independent politician.

It was definitely necessary to separate the broccoli from the aubergine on this noticeable occasion.

Please liaise with the relevant government committee regarding this particularly embarrassing occurrence.

The privileged principal acknowledged his consensus regarding independent licences.

The conscientious entrepreneur founded a parallel organisation called ‘Fluorescent Manoeuvres’.

The triptych illustrated a mother in various guises of distress concerning her daughter’s ability to spell incorrectly.