Lion, the movie

Family trip at the weekend to see the film ‘Lion’.  I’d read some critical reviews (it’s a little slow in parts, the music can start to become overpowering, there are some areas where it diverts from the true story) but these points were so minor in my experience.  It’s a stunningly powerful film, a formidable tale of familial love – maternal, fraternal and filial.  It’s an unimaginable situation for a five year old boy to go missing, but equally horrifying to think about how a loving mother might feel in this situation.  The beauty, pain and strength of the story is in the love that is shared between the central characters; love lost, love found and love created.  And in the context of being adopted, Thing 4 found a true positive and recognised the privilege of being loved (albeit while feeling hard done by!),

“It’s not fair, Mummy. He had two mums and I’ve only got one.”


Our world today

Back in November, when the result of the US presidential election was confirmed, there was a great deal of negative and hateful comment in the press and beyond.  Much of that hatred and antagonism is revisited today, on the eve of Trump’s inauguration.  I am desperately trying to understand the world in which I live (but failing).  There are some beliefs and convictions held by individuals in societies around the world (not exclusive to America) which I do not share or understand.  But I would like to understand them, and to play my part in healing these rifts and rebuilding what essentially connects us all, which is being human.  I see what is achieved in a broken world and I can only imagine the dizzy heights that could be reached if we worked harmoniously together.  Delusional? Possibly, but that’s no good reason to stop hoping and trying.