Thing 4 came home this afternoon full of the joys of a school day that are particular to an 8 year old. It’s surely true that we could learn many lessons from 8 year olds.  For instance, to be happy for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  There was a particularly unusual reason today, though;

“Mummy, we had the best lunch today, ever.  It was roast cheetah!”  Mmmmm.   I hadn’t realised that institutional catering had become so creative.  A quick peek on the website and several hours of randomly clicking on every available option under the main menu (School Run Scheme, Uniform Shop, Parent Message Centre, Inspections, Year 6 Results – I must come back to that one another time), I locate the actual food menu for week commencing 9/1/17.  Friday dessert.  Spotted Dick, how wonderful! That old-school pudding full of stodgy suet, orange zest and currants, finished off with a good dollop of custard.  Don’t you wish you were back at school some days?



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