INSET day yesterday.  A real treat of a day, including a session on mindfulness where I learned, quite simply, that my mind is full.  Clearly that’s not the point and I’m certain there are many who would help me steer my way through the Headspace App and get back on track.  Breathe in…2…3…breathe out….2…3…4….5…

In the meantime, I found the breathing exercise to be extremely productive and in the allotted space I cerebrally completed the following tasks:

  1. Online shop including Thai ingredients galangal and kaffir leaves which seem to have expired by some 4 years in my store cupboard (aren’t you impressed that I checked?)
  2. Mental reminder to cancel 2017 subscriptions to numerous publications which land through my door, including newspaper for children, apparently read only by me (super interesting article on America’s gun violence btw)
  3. Creation of guest list to 20th wedding anniversary celebrations
  4. Logistics for getting to rugby match in Maidenhead tomorrow evening

Wait! Mindfulness session has finished.  But I’ve hardly scratched the surface, and rugby match planning is still a little hazy. Oh well, much more important jobs to attend to, like thinking about what I will wear to 20th wedding anniversary party.  In September.


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