Menu Planner



Following on from yesterday’s food theme (possibly there’s just a food theme full stop), we have established a new menu system at home. There’s a wall mounted blackboard which I have labelled Monday – Friday and Things 1-4 must use negotiation, compromise, cunning and powerful threats over one another in order to establish ONE meal per night.  Note, one meal for all.   I’ll share this week because I am rather impressed with the precious Things.

Monday – Prawn fajita

Tuesday – Pasta arrabbiata (spelling! Those hours of spelling test revision have not gone wasted)

Wednesday – Club sandwich

Thursday – Tom Yum soup (where did they find this recipe?)

Friday – Thai curry

There was a time when I listened to Woman’s Hour (I don’t know when this time was because surely I was either a student and therefore asleep, or at work full time and unable to listen to the radio, or possibly it was when the children were extremely small and I had gently laid them down for their morning nap and come downstairs to a sea of calm and tranquility and a chance to spend a leisurely hour in front of the radio? Mostly I remember putting the Things down for their morning nap and then spending the next hour revisiting their bedrooms to persuade them that it was really a nap that they needed.)  Anyhow, I was desperate to listen to Woman’s Hour because somehow down the airwaves I knew there’d be lessons to turn me into an Accomplished Person.  Like a magic spell, suddenly I’d be that woman who could rustle up a pair of curtains, or knit a jumper, or tie a bowtie, or re-upholster a chair, or label everything I put in the freezer with a date stamp, a use-by stamp, how many people it will feed and – indeed – a helpful sticker which actually details the contents of the frozen container. But after years of Woman’s Hour, I find that I can do none of these things!  Except perhaps, one.  Apparently every woman has a repertoire of ten go-to recipes in her head.  Well, look, with the exception of the Tom Yum soup I am 50% there this week, and if they have the same menu next week, that is still 10 days of meals.  Job done. Phew.


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