Dinner Ladies

Dinner Ladies

At the end of the (mostly blissful) school holidays, I have one particular thought in my head. It’s about dinner ladies, or lunchtime supervisors as they are affectionately known in my school. I did a rough calculation this holiday alone, taking into account only breakfast, lunch and dinner (and not including mid morning munchies, general snack, high tea, early kids supper, bed time snack, pre dinner canapés, post dinner whatever-you-can-raid-from-the-fridge attacks) in order to work out how many meals I had prepared and served.  23 days, 6 people in my family, 3 meals a day.  414 meals.  I haven’t the wherewithal to remember when there were additional consumers in the house, but there have been many teenage visitors. One who ate 10 Weetabix for breakfast, no word of a lie. Add 222 served over the short Christmas period (don’t ask) and I am coming to the conclusion that lunchtime supervisor is a totally inappropriate word.  Frankly, they should have a much grander title.  How about Lead Institutional Menu Implementation Orchestrator? Or Principal Creative Meal Generating Strategist? I take my hat off to all of them, whether involved in purchasing, planning, creativity, preparation, delivery, clearance or just plain washing up.  For this term, I can rest assured that all four precious Things will have at least one wholesome, homemade, hand prepared, hot meal per day at school that I HAVE NOT HAD TO GET INVOLVED WITH!  Dinner ladies and gentlemen, you rock.


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